Queen of Love 2021


As the Queen, you feel complete and fulfilled. You are confident on the right path of abundance. Naturally, you ignite the same fire in others. You extend your energy to others. Your energy is healing and deeply nurturing. The queen is confident, self-aware, loving, and fierce when needed. She builds her queendom by teaching others by example. She walks her talk, not for others but herself, remembering and honoring everything that she has been through, wearing it, not as a burden, but as a crown. She initiates other women and men to the next level of relating.

During your life you have experienced hurt and therefor coping mechanisms. The mechanism are there to protect you from hurt, but are they still valid? And perhaps these coping mechanism bring you further away from a true connection, most of all with yourself. But also with a (life) partner. How can you overcome trauma and start to heal? The Queen is there to serve and create understanding on a heart-level and connection. As the Queen, you know that the wisdom of the heart is much greater than the knowledge of the mind. You also know yourself better and thus have clear boundaries. No one can throw you out of balance anymore.

The Queen recognizes resistance as moments of transformation. The Universe urges you to face your hardships so you can shape your own destiny and influence others to go to the next level. The Queen will seek no approval nor does she has the urge to please. Her offering is that she may be disliked. She has a higher goal.  At this stage, the most crucial thing is to overcome resistance and welcome the change. The Queen is waiting on the bottom of the cliff. Once you jump, you’ll see a new life forming in front of you. She will guide herself and her lover into the new paradigm of relationships, working with the polarities of masculine and feminine.

There is a light side of the heart; empathy, connection, intimacy, self-worth, trust, sharing, giving, receiving, sensitivity etc. And there is a dark side of the heart; hurt, pain, sorrow, victim stories, desperation, rejection, disconnection, coldness, having no boundaries, worthlessness etc.
To be a loving container for what is, for what appears in this moment, we have to embrace the heart in all it’s lightness and darkness. To shed a light on all the dark places (unconscious) will automatically bring it into consciousness (light). Love can be experienced even when the heart is full of sorrow because of the ablilty to surrender and courageously accept exactly where you are now. It isn’t even the emotional pain itself that is the painful part of existence. It is in when you resist the pain, that the pain becomes most painful and sometimes even unbearable. To connect fully to the heart is the radical bravery to face every aspect of existence as yourself. Full responsibility as the creator yourself.

The Queen serves love. In Tantra love is devotion. A huge surrender to your life energy, divine nature, God, Source or higher intelligence. Through devotion love can flow. To align with your Divine nature and feel that your presence, relationships, work is an offering to the Divine. Through Shakti Tantra meditations practices you can feel the connection to something bigger. The more you open every cell of your body, the more clarity and wisdom you will be able to ‘download’. The heart has the power to transform. It takes in and gives back. Everything going through the heart is purified. In Shakti Tantra you start with transforming darkness like judgments, self-hatred, shame, negativity inside of you, and let your heart expand. Expand, expand until you reach existance and beyond the idea of right and wrong. When we ourselves can transform darkness into light we can do the same in the world.

Your hurtful life experiences are your initiations. In this course we will take a look at where you sabotage yourself into receiving love. Also how you can reconnect with Self Care. We sometimes value harmony like avoiding confrontation, and hide in a spiritual bubble. And loose our true-est expression. This comes at a high cost, you can lose contact with what matters to you most in life. Integrity, authencicity, feelings, needs and self connection. We will look at our shadow-side, our convictions that keep us small. Transform darkness (addictions, dependancies, etc) into conscious light. We will work with the energy of compassion, forgiveness and understanding. Here you will come home to the Sacred Feminine and prepare your body for blissful Shakti Energy.  With techniques from Shakti Tantra, Non Violent Communication and Byron Katie we will shed a light on how your vulnerability becomes your strenght. You will learn to create connection through empathy with ourselves and our relationships, especially the opposite sex. Through devotion, expanding your heart and let it overflow with love.

THE ELEMENT AIR: Air corresponds with Anahata, the 4th chacra in our energetic body. Love, compassion, empathy, connection, playfullness, lightness, are qualities of the heart. Of the 5 senses, touch is relevant and can function as a door to acces the qualities of this element within you.

-Learning how to speak from the heart is seeing your vulnerability as strength.
-Learning how to really listen without assumptions.
-Speaking your truth in a way that creates connection, even if your message is not very pleasing to the ears
-You will be handed Non Violent Communication tools to fulfill the highest, most truthful expression of yourself as a human being
-In this module we reconnect with your authentic archetype of the Queen
-Dealing with resistance and change
-Experience courage, understanding, healing, forgiving, mourning and empowering ourselves and our sisters.
-Wearing your past-stories/experiences as a crown- not as a burden
-Learn to Connect the sex centre with the heart centre; sexual energy with the energy of Love.
-Understanding the polarities between masculine and feminine and therefor establish a healthy relationship with the other sex by connecting with your inner man and inner woman.
-The masculine’s giving centre is the first chacra, the feminine’s giving centre is from the heart. Learn how to work with these polarities to create an abundance of loving energy.
-You will experience masculine energy as Shiva and feminine energy as Shakti. How to play and how to melt into Divine Union.
-Tantric Meditations accoring to the ancient Tantras. Opening to the infinate energy of the Divine.

Shakti Tantra teaches us that all polarities in life are complementary. Masculine and feminine, anger and compassion, death and birth, love and fear. There are the same force but just the other side of the coin. Shakti Tantra practise is to meet that place where inner and outer meet and surrender to it. Tantra has developed meditation techniques that focus our awareness on all complementary energies/ union of polarities. In this surrender the expansion of consciousness unfolds.

During the retreat you will learn how to deal with the masculine through meditations with men. You will be able to create safety through awareness and learn how to play with your giving capacity of Love in abundance within your own boundaries.

Queen of Love, retreat Februari 19,20,21
required: (course before the retreat ; 2021: January 9,10/ January 23,24)

Vroegboekkorting voor 1 december:€498,- erna €545,-
Bij overmaking van €200,- naar M Sanders NL46INGB0751456446, is je deelname bevestigd. Wil je een factuur, dan graag vooraf melden.

-In beautiful Venwoude, (Tormentil and Wederik),Vuurse Steeg 1, Lage Vuursche

-Friday Feb 19 at 10.00 until Sunday 16.00 (maximum of 20 women)
Investment: if you book before –

(The men come from Saturday 10.00 until Sunday 16.00 (maximum of 8 men)

We love to welcome you Friday at the Piramide of Venwoude where you can have tea and a snack. Lunch is in the Villa, where beautiful biological food is being prepared for us from local farmers. Please let us know if you have a special diet.  We sleep in the meditation room. If you would like the privacy of your own room you can book a room at Venwoude. Please take your own bedlinnen.

If you want a private room:
-1 person room in total €100,- extra
-2 person room in total €80,- extra
– your own tent in total €33,- extra
– extra bedlinnen €12,- extra