3 Soul Purpose, fire

You will find true success and happiness if you have only one goal, and that is this: To fulfill the highest, most truthful expression of yourself as a human being. You want to max out your humanity by using your energy to lift yourself up, your family, and the people around you.” Oprah Winfrey

Visualize a man on a great horse galloping across the land, carrying a flag in his hand. On the flag is a word, a sign that represents your mission and your values. That man is you. What is on your flag? This training is all about your values, your inner fire, your biggest longing. Your vision. The Warrior wields the sword of discrimination, knows where he is going, has a clear message, has a deep knowing of what is real and what is bullshit. Holds a fierce force of truth. His super power is her new- paradigm vision. He is a pioneer. Here to inspire, captivate, catalyse, walk the talk, be true to who he really is, and say bye-bye to Mr Nice Guy with the fake smile.

What is your compass in life? Who inspires you to be a ‘better man’, a better father, lover, worker, part of the community?
What are the ‘codes’ you live by that makes you a trustworthy man? A platform to grow from? An inspiration for men and rock for women to feel safe to complete surrender to your masculine essence. Did you suffer from women who were afraid of your masculine power? Did you have to adjust to a feminine way, to please and developed a ‘feminine shield’ of ‘spiritual shield’?  We will look for the healing frequencies for the Wounded Masculine parts inside of you.

The second stage man is a man who knows his mission in life and soul purpose. The world is undergoing a shift. From Old Paradigm top-down structures to New Paradigm working from alignment. If you’ve experienced a crisis or burn-out, it can be that you are one of the pioneers that will birth the world into this New Paradigm. You may suffer from old strategies to earn money, and you see now way how to give your gift. It is a common survival strategy to make yourself small: to adapt, to please, to say yes to people we care about, or are dependent upon. We are scared to lose them, or to be excluded. You may not feel that your strength or truth is appreciated in your environment. You may feel that your feminine qualities are more appreciated than your masculine qualities, and you lack a sense of alignment in your life. We will take a look in how you may have adapted a ‘feminine shield’ that is restricting you from living your full potential.

In this training we will work on the element Fire, which is the element of the third chakra. Take your space, position yourself into the world, dare to speak out, take the lead. Trust your inner leadership. We will work with your representation of fierce truth. With values, belief systems, ways of expression, feelings, needs and visions for the world. Keeping you awake and aware, burning away that which is keeping you sleepy, dull and depressed.

Align with your souls mission. In this training you will connect with your deep longing to inspire others with your unique talent. You will work on communicating the both powerful and vulnerable message of your heart to a group. Learn how to use your voice breath, body and radiance to manifest an abundant life that is fulfilling your life purpose. Creating from your masculine essence and authentic  presence, you can effortlessly create a life aligned with your highest potential. You are a true Warrior. A fierce force of nature, not to be messed with, and a loving and true inspiration and empowerment to others. Ready to master your life? To shine? To let your message be heard in the world? You are welcome to join the Warrior.

We will work with ‘practise women’ to re-wire your system into more love, courage, safety, boundaries and make a step into your new life. The women follow an equal program.

April 2, 3 – April 16, 17- April 30, May 1st.
Studio Zena, Borneokade 68, Amsterdam

Send a mail to marcia (@) school of shakti . org to register, or call marcia at 06 49135246